PF supporters angry with Kabimba for implying they are illiterates

Some senior PF official and cadres are angry with party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba who has labeled the people that voted PF and missing president Michael Sata as a bunch of illiterates.

During his ZNBC TV interview on Sunday evening, Kabimba openly said educated and elite people wanted to hijack the constitutional making process at the expense of what he termed ‘majority Zambian that voted for PF, implying that those that voted for his party were a bunch of illiterates.

Senior PF officials have now claimed that Kabimba’s presidential ambitions within the PF were now taking him too far as he has basically insulted president Sata as being illiterate as well.

PF cadres say there was no way the entire party Secretary General could demean his voters and likens them to a bunch of illiterate people who did not know what they were doing.

Recently at the time they wanted to hound him out of the party the same Kabimba told the nation that PF was the most tribal party in the country.

He also said PF cadres were the most indisciplined in the history of the Zambian politics.

But PF cadres angry with kabimba have perhaps forgotten that it is the typical behaviour of their senior leaders to demean them openly.

President Sata himself has labeled his own ministers and MPs as useless and very dull.

He openly called Works and Supply minister Yamfwa Mukanga as ‘ulichipuba’ (you are an idiot).

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