PF supporting ritual killers

Once upon a time on the streets of Lusaka, pick-pocketing and handbag snatching were rife. Those who are older than MMD and PF will remember the times when thieves who stole from people on the streets would be covered and escorted by mobs of other thugs pretending to be chasing. Never was a handbag or anything snatched from you was ever recovered. Those who recovered anything were those who were quick and strong enough to wrestle with those thieves who again never got prosecuted because their friends pretended to have unleashed instant justice on them and let them loose.
The PF spokesperson lady called Mumbi Phiri is on record as having defended the decision by President Lungu to replace Zambia Police with Zambia Army officers in dealing with the ritual murders triggered unrest and lawlessness. It is not surprising that Mumbi Phiri thinks that as Commander In Chief, President Lungu has the right to chose which unity of defence and security to use in matters of ensuring peace. Mumbi Phiri has always exhibited high levels of ignorance and intellectual dwarfism in matters that require logic and intellect. Does this woman know the difference between “maintaining Law and Order” and “maintaining peace and security”?
Zambia Police are mandated and trained to maintain Law and Order. Their training focuses on police functions, arrests and prosecutions. Their security role is in the context of Policing within the confines of existing laws and conventions on protection and promotion of human rights. The army on the other hand deals with and is trained in combat. The laws governing the context of army operations are very different. The army is trained to deal with fellow combatants while Police deals with civilians.
It can be speculated that the displacement of Police in the crime areas is meant to temper with evidence or aid the culprits of both the ritual murders and looting to get away from the crime zones. If so, WHY? The perpetrators of both crimes might be known figures and there is no intention to arrest them. The rioters were definitely a mixed group of residents genuinely angered by the lack of security and cadres who feel neglected and are trying to get someone’s attention. Soldiers are not trained to investigate crimes and arrest civilians. Their presence in areas that experienced riots is gross abuse of power and deliberating tempering with crime scenes to allow criminals to get away with crime.
By the way, President Lungu has set a very bad precedent that destroys the public perception of the Zambia Police. It is clear that the Police has been relegated to spectators when it comes to policing. No wonder, PF cadres have even taken over crowd control and the Presidents security when he addresses crowds. There is no justification for the army being called in when Zambia Police has Regular Police (General Duties), Para-military and Mobile units that are properly mandated and trained to do what Zambia Army has been called to do. Are citizens being intimidated into fear so that criminals can have field days? PF is aiding ritual murderers and looters to get way by deliberately creating confusion in the Policing of the crime zones.
By Arnold Shatunka

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