PF suspends GBM

PF suspends GBM

A joint provincial, district and constituency meeting secretly held today has suspended former defense minister and PF Kasama central MP Geoffrey Mwamba popularly known as GBM who is on the verge of being expelled, but some voters in the constituency have said they would rather go with GBM than remain in PF.

Fearing a beating, officials held a secret meeting today at their provincial office in Independence Avenue and made the resolutions which were quickly sent to Lusaka and copied to Statehouse.

“We are not shaken by GBM’s suspension because there is no root for PF here, they will now see the real damage that will be done very soon. We would rather go with the big man than being in the party of fools (PF),” said a constituency official who sought anonymity.

GBM recently resigned his cabinet portifolio after he was told by ailing dictator Michael Sata to choose between him (Sata) and the Chitimukulu who is also Mwamba’s grandfather.

Apart from being an elected traditional leader, the Chitimukulu Henry Sosala Kanyantamanga is an educated and well researched man, far better than Sata who has no education background, no former living school mate and recently lost an online opinion poll to a frog. Sata who has had countless wives, was also awarded as this week’s most stupid person (Mampara) by a named South African newspaper.

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