PF take constitutional court to police

3rd September.,2016

Report by Dr.Edgar Ngoma~ Chagwa special coverage crew.
at woodlands police Station,Lusaka
Two citizens of Zambia have lodged a complaint at woodlands police station this morning against the constitutional court failure to deliver judgement within the stipulated period of 14 days.

The duo Emmanuel Mtonga of House no. 38 foxdale Chelstone Lusaka Alfred Chims Mbewe of 17/39 Matero East,Lusaka reported the matter for the breach of the supreme law of the land ~Zambia.

The duo contend that the constitution is very clear for how many days in which a presidential petition can be heard, in this case theconstitution says 14 days.

Earlier in the day yesterday the same constitution court ruled that the case must end at midnight yesterday.

But to the shock of all, the constitution was thrown away by ruling against the same constitution the judges swore to defend and protect.

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