PF takes constitutional court judges to complaints commission

PF takes constitutional court judges to complaints commission

As you can see, it’s only the PF thugs who see conflicted interest in some Judges they dont like while they fail to see it in those that favour them. In the first place, Prof. Patrick Mvunga should at his age have not participated in these proceedings because he is the Chairperson of the Judicial Complaints Authority. As things have now turned out to be, how will any citizen now report paid and conflicted judges Anne Mwewa Sitali and Mulenga Mungeni to the Judicial Complaints Authority, a body that is Chaired by Mvunga who was representing Edgar Lungu in the petition? It’s a fact Annie Mwewa Sitali is a relation to Edgar Lungu through marriage and the husband is a huge beneficiary of PF Government projects. It’s also a fact and in public domain the role Justice Mulenga Mungeni played in installing Edgar Lungu as PF Presidential candidate after the bogus PF convention in Kabwe but she never recused herself in this matter and idiots like Ngoma don’t see anything wrong. It is also a fact that when the petition was filed, Palan Mulonda was in the USA for some holiday but Lungu immediately phoned him to get in the first flight home so he could be part of the bench. Meanwhile the PF discredited media outlet run by convict Richard Sakala went on an onslaught of another Judge Enock Mulembe who they did not want to sit. This is how useless the judiciary has become in Zambia.

See below the rubbish the PF thugs are doing to undermine the judiciary.


7th September, 2016

Report by Dr. Edgar Ngoma in Lusaka- Zambia


The judicial complaint commission is this week likely to table the complaint lodged by two Concerned Zambians who reported an alleged misconduct of the Concourt bench for possible disciplinary action.

In a letter dated 3rd, September 2016 to the Judicial Complaint Authority the two citizens Alfred Chims Mbewe of house # 17/39 Matero and his counterpart Emmanuel Jackson Mtonga of house # 38/06 Fox dale Chelston both of Lusaka.

On 3rd September the two citizens petitioned the Judicial Complaints commission to discipline the Concourt judges who presided over a matter taken before their court concerning a presidential petition where the losing UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema contended the nullification of the election result that led to the declaration of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as dully elected President of Zambia.
The two demanded the removal of the Concourt bench for their incompetence and violation of the constitution.

In acknowledging receipt of the letter from the two citizens, the Judicial Complaint Authority said they would soon table this complaint before the commission for consideration.

The particulars of the misconduct and incompetence as contended by the two citizens are as follows;

1. Failing to interpret Article 101 (5) of the constitution.

2. Failing to terminate the proceedings at midnight of 2nd September 2016.

3. Ignoring their own rulings that determined when the proceedings will terminate.

4. Failing to charge Lawyer Martha Mushipe contept for verbally abusing Judge Sitali in open court and thereby failing to uphold the constitution.

5. For Judge Chibomba, failing to declare interest in a matter where her biological Son Mwewa Musema a South African trained Engineer at ZESCO Kabwata Office is also UPND youth chairman for the Kabwata Comstituency.

6. Failing to declare that her husband Augustine Musumali is a strong UPND supporter and holds a high position in the UPND Management Team.

7. For jointly conniving to usurp the powers vested in the Constitution.

8. For pretending to have powers to extend the time limits set by the constitution when in fact not.

Earlier last week on Saturday 3rd September, 2016 the two who are un employed residents of Lusaka Mbewe and Mtonga, reported the 6 judges to police for possible arrest according to them, for the breach of the supreme law of the Land- constitution.

But later they were advised to complain to the Judicial Complaints Authority because a judge violating the constitution while on duty enjoys immunity and can not be arrested but could be disciplined by the judicial Complaint Authority after lodging a complaint with the Authority as it is an independent body that deals with erring judges.

Meanwhile UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema has today the 6th September, 2016 filed an affidavit to the High Court of Zambia for the interpretation of bill of rights .

The intent is to provoke the court that his rights were violated because he was not heard in the Concourt thereby taking another action to try and restrain the chief justice from swearing President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his running mate Madam Inonge Wina on Tuesday 13th September, 2016 from taking oath of office.

The Drama continues let’s wait and see.

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Report by Dr. Edgar Ngoma Chagwa special coverage crew capturing every moment live.

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