PF takes over funeral of UPND MP

PF takes over funeral of UPND MP


People of Sesheke are wondering why the PF regime has taken so much interest in the illness, death and funeral of their MP Frank Kufakwandi.

Minister of the so called National Guidance and Religious Affair Godfridah Sumaili, PF ambassador to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba have appointed themselves as chief mourners.

UPND has been overshadowed as UPND MPs are reporting to Mwamba and North-western Province Minister Nathaniel Mubukwanu who are approving the burial program.

This morning Sumaili, Mwamba, Kasama  MP Kelvin Sampa, and Chembe MP Sebastian Kopulande will lead mourners including UPND MPs at the funeral service and burial.

The ceremony will start at the Catholic Church with the requiem service.

Kufakwandi died on Monday in South Africa where he was receiving specialized treatment.

We have seen opposition MPs die but never seen such interest from the PF to the point of PF agents taking over funeral arrangements.

Recently another UPND died but PF just issued a message of condolences.

Was Sesheke MP so dear to PF or had special relationship with them?

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