PF teaching council to start taxing teachers

The organization which was formed to punish teachers, the Teaching Council of PF will start to grill teachers next month. Teaching Council of Zambia will move in to collect money from teachers. The council`s first agenda is to collect money from in-service teachers, private school teachers, students teachers, jobless graduates and other administrators. Teaching Council of Zambia says it does care whether a teacher has money or not, all that the council is interested in is money. The council will not entertain anyone who will request to pay in instalments. The council wants the money in full.

Teaching Council of Zambia also said that anyone who will fail to pay will be flashed out of the teaching service. Jobless graduates will have pay the council if they want to be employed in government.

Next month, all those who will fail to pay will be deregistered, including those in private schools. The council will ensure that teachers in private schools are dealt with and it will not listen to any excuses. They must pay.

Below are the fees Teaching Council of Zambia is demanding.

A). REGISTRATION This shall be done once in life
1. Student teachers K100.50
2. Early Childhood Education K471
3. Primary Education K520.50
4. Secondary Education K571.20
5. Lecturers K631. 20 6. Administrators e.g Headteachers,
Principals etc K661.20
*It is punishable to refuse to register
or pay registration fees
This shall be done at renewable interval of 3 years each.
1. Student Teachers K301.20
2. Early Childhood Teachers K600
3. Primary Teachers K750
4. Secondary Teachers K900
5. Lecturers K1,050 6. Administrators K1,200
1. Student Teachers K401.70
2. Early Childhood Teachers K1,071
3. Primary Teachers K1,290.50
4. Secondary Teachers K1,471.20 5. Lecturers K1,681.20
6. Administrators K1,861.20
NB *You cannot practice/teach
without a licence.
*It is a crime to practice/teach without
a licence.

Apart from collecting money, the council will come up with stiff rules that will put teachers in soup.

The PF has already issued a statement that government workers should not expect anything positive from the PF regime as they did not vote for the corrupt PF.

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