PF tells hospitals to start farming to feed patients

Hospitals and clinics must consider farming and other income generation activities so that they can feed their patients, says PF minister for Community Development, Mother and Child Health.

Responding to Kalabo MP, Chinga Miyutu, who wanted to know whether they were aware that Kalabo Hospital had no money for food and that patients were starving, the minister said they have had no funding from the Ministry of Finance for hospitals for 3 months.

The Zambian watchdog this week disclosed that the PF regime had gone completely bankrupt and a number of hospitals such as Ndola, Kitwe, UTH, Livingstone, and other clinics have not been funded.

The minister admitted that all the hospitals around the country had not been funded for the last three months due to lack of funding from the Ministry of Finance.

A number of opposition MPs wondered whether the Speaker could not just order the Minister of Finance to just come to the house and issue a ministerial statement on the financial challenges they were finding since the problem was similar to all ministries going by the answers by all the ministers.

Mafinga MP, Catherine Namugala, wondered why hospitals were not being funded, why the ministers were too fat and well looked after yet hospitals were starving due to lack of financial grants.

But the minister insisted that hospitals and clinics needed to be innovative.

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