PF thug Obvious Mwaliteta’s lies exposed

Central province useless minister Obvious Mwaliteta lied that UPND Kabwe district apologized to him for faking defections during the opposition party’s recent mobilization meeting at Green Inn in Kabwe where 125 people from both PF and MMD were received.

Mwaliteta, who has only been found in Kabwe for a total of 35 days from the time he was appointed last year was not in Kabwe on the date of defections where a known PF cadre Roy Mulenga and many others defected to UPND. We know that Mwaliteta does not know Mulenga very well as we know him, so we give him some free consultancy here about this Mulenga who is a hungry cadre, he was MMD provincial secretary but after MMD lost elections, his belly led him to PF where he has not easily been welcomed.

He has constantly been begging for a job and has been lying that he is a factor in political mobilization in central province but when PF did a donchi kubeba, stopped giving him some money he made up his mind to join UPND. The motivation to join UPND was to earn some money and he thought party president HH was the one to grace the occasion so that he uses the opportunity to create contacts with HH but to his shock, national chairman Mutale Nalumango is the one who went to Kabwe. That was how Mulenga changed his mind not to join UPND, by then the list defectors had already been circulated to the media.

Mulenga lives on alms from a named businessman and is nothing but a political parasite, MMD sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that has been rejoining and resigning from MMD countless times hence the former ruling party permanently discarding him for now and wanted to take his belly to UPND.

UPND officials have called on Mwaliteta who is facing rejection in his own Kafue constituency to check his facts, they have since challenged him to produce the letter written by the opposition party.

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