PF thugs arrive in Vubwi to cause confusion

UPND youths in Eastern Province has accused the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) of having dispatched over 40 cadres from Lusaka to Vubwi to cause confusion and violence in the area.

UPND provincial vice youth chairperson Mr Mathew Phiri said PF had gone against the directive by Eastern Province Minister Malozi Sichone to all political parties not to send cadres from other areas to Vubwi.

He said in an interview yesterday that when PF cadres arrived in Vubwi on Monday night they were received by their colleagues but one of them was UPND sympathizer and leaked information to the opposition.

“Four of the cadres came from Chipata and the rest came from Lusaka, so we are very disappointed because we can foresee eruption of violence which we don’t want to happen,” said Mr Phiri

Mr Phiri said PF, as the party in power, should lead by example by not ferrying cadres from other places such as Lusaka to areas where by election were taking place.

“Why should we bring people from Lusaka or other places who are not voters in Vubwi? We want our local voters to vote peacefully without intimidation,” he said.

He said despite UPND adhering to the directive by Mr Sichone not to ferry cadres from other places, PF had not respected it.

“We know what PF is capable of doing; they just want to destabilize the campaign in Vubwi. Why are they here when they are not voters; that is our concern?” Mr said Mr Phiri.

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