PF thugs attack family that refused to be used in plot to arrest HH

PF thugs attack family that refused to be used in plot to arrest HH

For refusing to be used in PF scheme to arrest HH.

“…living in fear the men after her husband could be the attackers”

Nevia Michelo, the wife to Milton Hatembo is nursing injuries after unknown people attacked her and the children at about midnight Saturday going into Sunday in Mang’unza Ward of Choma district.

The Hatembo siblings have been entangled in controversy after losing a case of trespassing on Kalomo’s Farm 1924, a piece of land that they sold to opposition UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

In an exclusive interview with Byta FM News at Macha Hospital on Monday, Michelo disclosed that the attackers broke into the house while she was asleep with her children and beat her without saying anything.

Michelo narrates that she escaped and only regrouped with her children, who had earlier run away, in the bush after the assailants left.

“…they broke the door, switched off the light on the seating room and dragged from the bed and started whipping me. They did not say anything. They then dragged outside while beating me, but I escaped and hid in the bush and the children followed me,” she recalls while speaking in Chitonga.

She explains that she could not recognize her attackers, but recalls that some strangers claiming to be from Lusaka have been frequenting her house asking the whereabouts of her husband.

Michelo also reveals that a named teacher brought the strangers who claimed they had been speaking to Milton about an appeal to the case that the High Court dismissed recently.

“…I did not recognize them at night, but I suspect the strangers that came with (mentions teacher’s name) who came looking for my husband. I asked them that I am afraid, why are you looking for my husband. They said they had called my husband to Lusaka, but we just met him in Choma,” she narrated

Asked whether she knows where her husband is, Michelo expressed ignorance, but says Milton mentioned that the strangers had been coercing him to appeal the case and he did not want to see them.

“…when I told him that there are people looking for you. He told me that those people are forcing us to appeal the case which we feel has already been settled as ruled by the court,” she added.

Meanwhile, Byta FM followed up the teacher to find out his involvement with the said strangers.

The civil servant, whose identity has been withheld, says he was stranded for transport last Sunday when an unbranded Landcruiser pulled over at Mapanza station.

He explains that the passengers told him they were ministry of health staff who wanted to trace Michelo and her husband for some treatment.

The source says he led them to her house because they were his neighbours and he taught their children before, but did not suspect that the passengers could have been planning any malice.

Last week Hatembo and his sister Pheluna disclosed that they did not want to be forced to say what they know is not true and they willingly sold the farm to Hichilema without any problems.

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