PF thugs attack grandparent in Lukashya


67 year old man who was attacked by PF CADRES in Lukashya has DEFECTED to join UPND.

He said that there is no way his own Party he worked for to win can attack him and BREAK his right hand he uses to work and feed his children.

“Just as well UPND youths were near to rescue me and take me to the hospital.They paid for all my bills and I have realised that UPND is a Party that loves people therefore from this moment I have defected to join UPND.”

Meanwhile the old man said he knows the youth who attacked him but will wait for the same person to come and apologise and assist him meet other bills during his time of sickness.

He warned the person who attacked him that he too will suffer just like him whose hand is broken and is not able to work to feed his family.

The old man was on the way when he met PF CADRES who were going to stage an attack at UPND Camp.

The man has also lost bicycle which he used as his mode of transport

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