PF thugs attack Muvi TV journalist Sinalungu


PF thugs under the command of Central province chairperson and Chitambo MP Remember Chanda Mutale today physically harassed Muvi Televisions Kabwe journalist Alfareenson Sinalungu at the Kabwe High court after the election petition hearing of PF Mkushi South MP Davis Chisopa who is being challenged by Sydney Chisanga of UPND. But Mutale later blamed the journalist as having provoked the unruly thugs and said journalists must get permission from him before performing their duties.

Sinalungu who was in the company of other journalists was taking pictures of the cadres who had gathered at the court grounds to give support to Chisopa when all of a sudden they descended on him, hurled insults and grabbed his camera and phones which were later given to him after mediation from other journalists.

The journalist was only saved from further physical attack by his colleagues who negotiated for the return of his working apparatus but Mutale instead blamed the journalist whom he accused of having provoked the cadres. Mutale continued to shout on top of his voice that the cadres were government and that Sinalungu needed to get permission from him before carrying out his duties at the court.

Yesterday, while addressing PF MPs, Edgar Lungu declared war against what he termed as ‘hostile media’ which he accused of reporting negatively about government. And last month, PF Central province minister Sydney Mushanga vowed not to accommodate some ‘hostile journalists’ in reference to Sinalungu who has been exposing the rampant corruption by PF in Central province.




  • The PF-controlled ZNBC avoided mentioning this news item,had the incident involved the UPND it would have been the main news on ZNBC.

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    Tasila 7 months

    The only solution to stop all this nonsense of PF is to send snakes to finish all the so called lungu and co x period Zambia will then be clean and we can start afresh because Changwa thinks he is clever . At night he is usually alone he has not declared soe to snakes so release HH

  • Does a journalist really need to get permission to do his or her work?

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    Chelsey 7 months

    Cage those pf thugs; sorry, I forgot that they’re the ones in charge of everything in Zambia. Zambia will retain its democracy after this thuggery govt is gone.

  • Foolish pf

  • That’s pfools for you. Our only hope to redeeming our great Zambia is to every well meaning Zambian regardless of ethnic belonging come together en vote this PF out in 2021 elections. Zambia is bigger than any given individual.

    • Y 21 PF SHOULD Go IF POSIBLE 2DAY OR NEXT WEEK THESE AR’ CRIMINALS THERE AR’ THREAT EVEN 2OUR BABIES, IF WE LATE THEM 2 2021 The Will Take All Zambians 2prison The Trust Prison Than Anything B Careful.

  • I meant that ,when is it going to end,ata,akapondo respect fucking head idiot.

  • The pitfalls of journalism in Zambia. What an “honourable ” member of parliament. Justifying the unjustifiable.

  • Journalism In Soup By Pf Thuggery

  • Alferson is a late bro to Mr Sinalungu.They r still bros tho! They r Mudendas.

  • Mudenda or Sinalungu?

  • Why are PF always being provoked. Its the matter of time God will show himself to his children

  • thugs are always thugs.

  • Get permission next time

  • Even his names betrayed him, first name like treason and surname like mocking lungu!!

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  • I thought they play same chidununu Pf and muvi tv.OK this habit of harrasing journalist its very bad.Pf why kuyopa camera munalakwa chani imwe Ba muntu.why can’t you be like your president likes the camera so much…Sad development mweh.

  • I thought they are all thugs. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do.

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