PF thugs attack UPND officials in Mpika

PF thugs attack UPND officials in Mpika

image image imagePF thugs in Mpika this morning brutally attacked UPND officials who were having an indoor meeting at the UPND Mpika offices.

The thugs wielding machetes and pangas brutally attacked the UPND team comprising UPND National Trustee Bernard Mpundu, Chairperson for Labour and Social Security Percy Chanda and others.

A pregnant woman Sarah Mwanza is currently admitted at Mpika Hospital after the savage attacks on the entourage.

The thugs had to be restrained by the police who quickly came on the scene.

As usual, there would be no condemnation from President Edgar Lungu, as he only reacts when violence involves perceived opposition members.

“What annoyed them is that the UPND team featured on Mpika FM radio and most of the callers were in agreement with the message. So the District Commissioner organised thugs to raid the UPND offices where the officials were having an indoor meetings with local structures”, says one of the people that witnessed the event.

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