PF thugs ‘baptise’ Fr Bwalya with Chibuku, block him from speaking on radio

PF thugs ‘baptise’ Fr Bwalya with Chibuku, block him from speaking on radio


Shocked and soaked Bwalya with an empty pack

Patriotic Front (PF)  thugs Wednesday morning  stormed Kitwe based Flava radio station and demanded that the program where opposition leader Father Frank Bwalya was supposed to feature be stopped.

The thugs sent by the ruling party PF  stormed the station demanding that Fr. Bwalya does not go ahead with the program.

They harrassed radio staff and physically harassed Fr Bwalya and poured opaque beer (Chibuku) on him.

The PF thugs also bruised one of Fr.Bwalya’s officials on the right eye and is swollen.

Fr. Bwalya risked his life when he greatly contributed to the PF victory during campaigns in 2011 against what was then termed as the brutal Rupiah Banda administration which was nothing compared to what is currently happening.

Drunkard Home Affairs minister, Edgar Lungu, who usually acts as president on Monday said his regime does not care what the rest of the world thinks of their governance system.

Apparently, all this is happening at a time when the Commonwealth Secretariat is in the country to evaluate Zambia’s deteriorating human rights record under the leadership of failing and ageing dictator president Michael Sata who is himself known for violence.

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