PF thugs beat and frame Chongwe MMD councilor

On Monday the 28th of November 2011, Chalimbana ward MMD councilor was abducted, brutally beaten and there after taken to the police on a trumped up charge of distributing elections materials during Election Day.

Councilor Mumena was brutally and mercilessly attacked, around 14hrs when he was coming from the routine check of how the elections where moving in his ward and to ensure that his polling agents had the necessary basic requirements to carry out their election monitoring duty.
As Councilor Mumena was leaving Bimbe Basic School in Chalimbana area, about 15 Patriotic Front thugs led by their youth Chairman blocked his Toyota Land cruiser on the junction of Bimbe Chalimbana road. The uncompromising thugs demanded that he gets out of his vehicle.
When Councilor Mumena refused to get out of his vehicle, they forcibly opened his door, dragged him out and brutally and viciously attacked him using fists and kicks, after which they bundled him in the Pajero they were driving and drove him to Chongwe Police Station. In the ensuing fracas the thugs stole, his cell phone, car jack, car radio, passport and his wallet.
On the way to Police, the thugs demanded that he gives them Fifty Million Kwacha, if he wanted them to release him. The tortured, tormented and terrified, Councilor told them that he was just a humble peasant farmer who did not have such kind of money.
They complained to him that he was making their campaign for Masebo difficult, hence the action to abduct him and subject him to such extreme torture and torment. They told the terrified Councilor that MMD used to make them suffer and that it was now their turn to make the MMD members suffer as they were now BOMA!
The thugs threatened to take the defenseless ,terrorized and traumatized Councilor to Chipata, Lusaka or some undisclosed location. After discussing amongst themselves, the thugs decided to take him to Chongwe Police Station where they falsely and maliciously reported that they had caught him distributing campaign materials and money at a polling station. He was remanded in custody, after which his Comrades signed a Police bond for him to allow him join his worried family.

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