PF thugs beat up MMD supporters in Muchinga

Patriotic Front cadres on Sunday attacked the opposition MMD camp in Muchinga injuring five women in the process.

The cadres from the ruling PF descended on their counterparts after President Michael Sata addressed a public rally in Muchinga where he told a crowd not to vote for the MMD.

However, the PF cadres found that most of the MMD supporters at Kanona Ward in Musemwa Branch were women whom they still mercilessly beat up.

“One of those injured iN Muchinga is the information and publicity secretary for the women’s wing,” an eyewitness said.

The eyewitness said the injured women were taken to a nearest clinic where medical staff was attending to them.

Although the PF has been perpetrating violence in the run up to three parliamentary by-elections set for Thursday, its propaganda wing – The Post – is disseminating information that the opposition are behind a spate of violent scenes recorded so far.

MMD is fielding Howard Kunda for the Muchinga seat while the PF has Jeliaty Ntembwa.

The death of former vice-president George Kunda, whose son Howard is the MMD’s candidate, left the Muchinga seat vacant while Livingstone and Chama North are the other two constituencies facing a by-election.

UPND is contesting the Livingstone seat on behalf of the opposition while MMD will challenge the PF for the Chama North seat.


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