PF thugs beat up police, civil servants in Kasempa

Dear editor,
Hide my ID if not I will lose my job.
Civil servants are now leaving in fear here in Kasempa. Yesterday there was drama at Bestways lodge in Kasempa.
This was after the DC Mr. Kadansa invited all heads of government departments to go and welcome PF SG
Mr. Davies Mwila Little did these civil servants know that it was a plan to go and receive punches from PF cadres.

Details of the story was that when the SG and his carders arrived in Kasempa, they were given names of civil servants who
were suspected to have been working against PF during last year’s elections. Among these were the police officer in charge
Mr. Mukanzu for Kasempa District who was beaten by cadres in presence of Mr. Davies Chama. Others include the council Secretary (CS)
Mr. Ng’andu. These senor officers were beaten and harassed in presence of the SG who never said anything .

right now the DC and the police officer in charge are in solwezi to discuss the same issue with the Permanent secretary (PS).
The questions one would ask are who is leading this nation? who is more important a cadres or civil servants?
Who keeps peace and older in the country cadre or police? a police officer in charge of the district to be slapped by cadres
in public in the presence of Minister of defense. Where is the president of this country? If we have a leader, let him be in ch

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