PF thugs burn houses for UPND houses

PF thugs burn houses for UPND houses


image image image imagePF thugs in Lusaka, have burnt down houses belonging to UPND and other innocent citizens.

In Kanyama, houses were burnt down starting yesterday and some are currently still burning.

Several shops believed to be belonging to UPND supporters have also been brought down.

And People are now living in fear following brutal beatings by PF thugs.

Aaron Kalunga, a Kanyama resident and UPND supporter has his leg broken after PF thugs used pangas when attacking him.

And in Chawama, the situation is similar as several women have been attacked for supporting UPND.

But in an interview with Journalists in the Capital city today, the citizens complained that it is unfair for PF to begin harrassing citizens who hold divergent views.

Mainly women, wondered why PF thugs wants to force them to join the party that has brought misery in their lives.

Martha Mulenga, whose neck was almost cut by the PF thugs this morning, said Zambia does not belong to a few thugs without proper leadership and that she has a choice to support UPND.

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