PF thugs clamp down RTSA offices in full view of Solomon Jere

PF thugs today clamped down and closed Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) Offices at Lusaka’s Ridgeway Post Office.

The unruly behaviour by the PF thugs that is typical of Michael Sata’s comes barely a few days after PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba warned PF thugs against clamping down public offices.

By coincidence, the entire Police Deputy Inspector General, Solomon Jere was on hand to welcome the cadres and said the police were investigating the concerns raised by his fellow thugs.

The PF thugs claimed there was corruption in the issuance of drivers licence at RTSA.

But those who remember, it was just a few months ago during the festival season in December that Jere and RTSA officials differed at a road block in Munali area after they impounded a vehicle being driven by his girlfriend who was drunk.

At that time, Solomon Jere, the PF cadre in police uniform complained that the behaviour of RTSA was making the PF government unpopular.

The thugs who invaded the RTSA Offices at Ridgeway Post Offices today actually drove all the way from Lusaka town center in buses and passed right in front of Police Service Headquarters where Jere’s offices are located but were not intercepted, as the normal police would ideally do especially if it involved opposition cadres.

Addressing fellow thugs in Kabwe over the weekend, Kabimba pleaded fellow PF thugs to use laid down procedures when they are aggrieved than resorting to closing public offices.

Kabimba’s call follows numerous incidents where PF thugs have been closing down government offices in various districts, especially those for District Commissioners who do not give them favours.

But even when Kabimba was issuing those fake directives, he fully knew that all the thuggery behaviour is actually sponsored by Sata himself and Solomon Jere, who is actually more powerful than the Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani.

And why can’t Jere be more powerful than his boss, especially with what he knows some of the gruesome murders that this country has experienced.

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