PF thugs close bus station owned by UPND candidate

PF thugs have closed Johabie Buses Office in Chipata because the owner is the aspiring candidate for UPND and he sponsored a successful UPND youth rally over the weekend.

Johabie buses have also been banned from loading at Lusaka’s Intercity bus terminus because the owner is an opposition UPND member.

UPND youths in Chipata led by Youth Chairperson Lyson Nyirenda tried to retaliate but they have been restrained by senior party officials.

The PF could not believe the amount of support the UPND gathered over the weekend during the youth rally when the Chipata residents ignored President Edgar Lungu a few weeks ago.

And Lungu has been forced to return to Eastern Province possibly by next week to try and make more empty promises.

But the region, which is predominantly farming, is currently suffering due to extensive fertiliser and other inputs and people are dying of hunger.

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