PF thugs demolish ‘market’ for UPND ardent supporter



Mercy Chalwe, the woman famed for publicly displaying United Party for National Development-UPND-chitenge material on her Woodlands on her Maleshift stand has once again had her makeshift stand ransacked.

This happened this afternoon when 8 Rosa buses laden with ruling Patriotic Front-PF-cadres wielding machetes and other offensive weapons invaded and ransacked her makeshift stand.

This is the second time violent Patriotic Front cadres have destroyed her merchandise and erased her makeshift stand, simply because she like them wears and displays her Party regalia.

In an interview this afternoon, Ms Chalwe narrated shortly after the attack suspects that the PF cadres were acting on orders from PF Area Member of Parliament-MP-Margerate Mwanakatwe who ordered for the demolishing of her stand, which is located in Lubwa ward of Woodlands Constituency after various earlier attempts to demolish her stand failed to make her stop displaying UPND regalia on her stand.

Ms Chalwe said she learnt about her attack by the PF from the posts shared on social media but said she was not going to be intimidated by a corrupt government that has failed the people of Zambia.

She alledged that Ms Mwanakatwe ordered the PF Lubwa ward youth chairperson to sort out Ms Chalwe after UPND leader, Hakainde Hichilema paid her a visit, yesterday.

She further narrated that she is living in constant fear of her life, saying that there has been numerous death threats from known senior PF officials.

And asked on why the PF has continually been threating to kill her, Ms Chalwe stated that the ruling party are not happy that she continues to display UPND regalia on her makeshift stand especially the one bearing the portrait of Mr Hichilema.

“They are wearing ECL 2021,regalia but want us to stop wearing our party regalia with a portrait of our leader HH a man we are all proud of because of his dignity

Meanwhile, on one of the WhatsApp massages, Ms Mwanakatwe is seen threatening Ms Chalwe with death.

In the same chat, Ms Mwanakatwe wondered why Ms Chalwe, who was earlier warned not to continue displaying UPND regalia on her stand, had continued doing the same, saying “This is not allowed. Where exactly please we need to kill this through the right channel? Location?

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema yesterday paid a courtesy call at her stand where she is selling vegetables to feed her family.

PF cadres have twice tried to attack her as well as destroyed her stand two times.


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