PF thugs disappoint Chipata resident

    • Editor,

      I am disappointed with the PF cadres here in Chipata Central who almost started a riot near V.N.T Motel today [Friday] around 13:30 HRS.

      I saw P.F. carders with weapons trying to disturb the MMD cadres who where campaigning peacefully.

      They blocked the road with their vehicles and started playing their campaign music and dancing on the road.

      I thank the police for their quick response but as usual failed to arrest any of the PF cadres who where with weapons.

      To my surprise, the PF cadres where few in number but wanted to riot with many MMD cadres who included the bicycle men.

      It would have been war. But anyway, I also thank the MMD cadres who showed maturity by not fighting back.

      LN Chirwa

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