PF thugs expose Lungu’s incompetence

In any interesting turn of events, PF thugs hired to harass judges have unwittingly  exposed forged president Edgar Lungu’s incompetence . Emmanuel Mtonga and Chimudidi Mbewe (Edgar Ngoma’s chola boy) say all the five constitutional court justices are not qualified and were wrongfully appointed.

All the constitutional court judges were appointed and sworn in by Edgar Lungu, scrutinised by the intelligence and ratified by parliament.


See below information provided by Edgar Ngoma, Lungu’s witchdoctor:


Thursday 8th September, 2016




Report by Edgar Ngoma Chagwa special coverage crew in Lusaka.


The two patriotic citizens of  Zambia resident in Lusaka that petitioned the Judicial complaint commission to have   the  five Concourt charges removed from the bench are this morning lodging in an addendum to their earlier petition that border on ill qualifications of the entire bench.


In a letter released to Chagwa special coverage crew this morning by the two, addressed to the Judicial complaint commission, the two citizens Mtonga Jackson Emmanuel and his colleague Alfred Chims Mbewe  contend that after all they now understand why these judges made the fatal mistakes as witnessed by the world, of how they handled the presidential petition that  almost plunged this country into unprecedented unrest because they did not hold even the minimum qualifications of practice experience  for the job they have today.


The duo further contend that it has come to their attention that the constitution itself in article 141 clearly states that if one has to be appointed to the bench of constitutional court they must have a minimum of 15 years of experience either in prosecution or presided over human rights law or constitution law . The applicant for this job must have in that 15 years either prosecuted or presided over a case concerning human rights violation or constitution related , further to that the applicant should have received specialised training in human rights law or constitution law which the five Concourt does not meet.


Mtonga and Mbewe state that if the said five Concourt judges could not respect the provisions by the constitution itself  article 141 in particular which demands for these minimum qualification to be met it is cause for concern that they could not defend it in their execution of their duties as evidenced in their performance the world has seen so far.


The duo contend that judge President Hilda chibomba has 4 years experience when the constitution demand a minimum of 15 years experience.


They further say the other 4 also do not meet this minimum qualifications as Judge deputy president Mulembi has 2 years experience, Judge Mungeni 14 years , judge Munalula 2 years  and judge Mulembi 0 (zero) number of  years in  prosecution  of human rights or constitution law.


Sadly the five Concourt charges ignored to follow even the provisions of article 13 of the Zambian constitution that demand every citizen to respect and comply with the provisions of the constitution.

To allow these judges to keep their jobs is very dangerous as very soon they will be presiding over parliamentary petitions.


The two citizens Mtonga and Mbewe would wish to invite Constitutional lawyer John Sangwa State  Counsel  as a witness when their petition is called for hearing any time soon this week.


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Report by:  chagwa special coverage crew capturing every moment live Dr. Edgar Ngoma in Lusaka

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