PF Thugs harrass members at Suppliers’ AGM

Food and General Suppliers Association of Zambia (FGSAZ) members suspected to be pro opposition have been barred from attending the ongoing AGM at Kabwe’s Zambezi source lodge by a PF sponsored and controlled group led by  Kapanda Malama and Moses Chilando, President and Secretary General respectively.

In an effort to reward cadres with business contracts, the PF has been screening membership to the FGSAZ so that non PF members are excluded from any business contracts.

The Lusaka magistrates court ordered that Humphrey Musonda and 142 others be allowed to attend the AGM through an order of interim injunction dated 3rd May pending an interparte hearing set for 7th May, 2013 at 08:30hrs.

Malama and Chilando hired about 30 PF thugs to man the gates to the venue and beat up ‘non acceptable’ members who were locked outside the premises. They also barred any journalists from covering the event saying the scribes were not members of the FGSAZ and can’t be allowed inside.

But Musonda said it was contemptuous of Chilando and his group to defy the court order and begin descrimination among members, while Malama’s camp maintains that Musonda and his group are not paid up members.

Police led by Kabwe district deputy officer Commanding Christopher Choobe were called in to prevent violence from breaking out as tempers flared up. The police also condemned the thuggery behaviour of blocking journalsts from covering the proceedings but by the time they reasoned with the uncompromising thugs most of the scribes had left.

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