PF thugs in Livingstone exchange punches as Edgar Lungu watches

There was a free for all punches among the warring PF factions in Livingstone Monday afternoon in the presence of Secretary General Edgar Lungu, Provincial Minister Daniel Munkombwe, Livingstone Central PF MP Lawrence Evans and other senior government and PF officials.
Livingstone Constituency publicity secretary Charity Mate was beaten to the ground as Livingstone PF PM Lawrence Evans wept like an imbecile.

Just when the internal fights among the PF camps have ended with the departure of former Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, the PF cadres fought running battles among themselves at the Livingstone Council Chambers where Edgar Lungu went to address them.

Edgar Lungu was in Livingstone to open some function but decided to address party officials on the side-lines of the actual meeting he went for.

Livingstone PF MP Lawrence wept uncontrollably and temporarily resigned saying he could not continue leading such an undisciplined and unruly group of party cadres.

Evans, as he struggled to wipe tears and hold himself, threatened to resign from his position alleging that the party in the tourist capital is divided and he does not want to be part of a divided grouping.

“It has become difficulty for me to lead a party that is divided. With this kind of behaviour we cannot win the elections in 2016 and I don’t want to be part of such a team,” he said as he cried.

PF Southern Province Minister was equally a target as the unruly cadres blocked him and wanted to clobber him in presence of Lungu who was equally powerless to do anything.

Munkombwe was booed by cadres as he tried to defend his political career and shouted at him accusing him of being a traitor and spent force but their shouting did not go well with the old veteran.

He challenged anyone to compete with him at the provincial convention once President Michael Sata allows him to contest for the position saying no one in the province can beat him.

Livingstone Constituency publicity secretary Charity Mate could however not escape the physical battering in the presence of Party Secretary General Edgar Lungu.

The unruly party cadres descended on the defenceless woman, Mate shortly after she entered the Livingstone City Council Chamber where  Lungu was waiting for all to settle down.

The irate cadres charged on Mate after she uttered unpalatable words which infuriated her colleagues who ended up punching her but failed to throw her out of the Council Chamber as she fought back viciously while on the ground.

It was clear for all today to know that Lungu was no where near in charge of the PF party and his weak position has just exposed him in front of the cadres.

Even during the Kabimba days, no such ugly scenes ever happened in his presence as he was largely feared by the entire party leadership because of the way he instilled discipline.

Some would only manage to carry coffins against him (Kabimba), but at a distance from his physical presence, unlike what has been witnessed in Lungu’s presence this afternoon.

PF cadres have been known to be violent and in the past it was being attributed to the ‘departed’ Kabimba.

But just when all seemed quite after the departure of Kabimba, they are again back in the ring battering each other especially with the power vacuum that exists following the ailing Sata.

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