PF thugs in SWAT uniform

PF thugs in SWAT uniform

A ruling Patriotic Front thug IMG_7992

seen here wearing bullet proof vest designed for SWAT Teams(Special Weapons and Tactics team).

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    Lovereal 1 week ago

    Reality is that we must all love to be okay, and not do evil. God really loves you, please apply all the covid safety measures & take the vaccine & use the mask. Eat and exercise healthy to avoid clots. Others and I also love you! Luke 14 Forsake all everyone and yourself for J
    Luke 16 Work for J not payments, then He will give you and your family the food and clothing if they follow too
    Matthew 25, Luke 12, 6 Sell everything and give to poor asap and keep all your giving in secret
    Mark 16, John 17 Share the Truth to everyone working with others in love and peace
    Revelation 13, 14 Don’t take the mark of the beast right hand or forehead only way to buy or sell *not vaccine or mask, but maybe implant or quantum technology
    Revelation 17, 18 U.S may be the Babylon to be destroyed in one hour, with fire

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    Keep the pictures intact because this PF militia will have to account for their terrorism of citizens one day. These are the thugs who burnt markets, kill citizens while donning PFolice PForce uniforms and also gassed people in their homes.

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    Mweenduko 2 weeks ago

    These Kasai chickens will indeed come back home to roast, muce mu buluke bo namunungu tuni.

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    He appears Congolese is this not preparation for bullets? But from whom? It’s only a scared person who would wear this gear!! So if these are PF Cadres, what are they scared of?

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    He appears like a Congolese