PF thugs invade Intercity bus terminus

A group of PF thugs led by a notorious cadre calling himself ‘First American commando’ have invaded the intercity bus terminus (a government institution controlled by council), demanding KR70 per bus load as payment since the PF has not offered them any jobs.

And Kabwe based commuters yesterday protested boarding other buses imposed on them by the Pf thugs and insisted that they wanted to board Vwalika buses, which they described as having disciplined crew and safe on the road, in apparent reference to yesterday’s minibus accident where 16 people died on the spot between Kabwe and Lusaka.

The group has full support of the Luska deputy mayor and President Sata’s son Mulenga, this has angered some operators who have threatened to sue the Lusaka city council (LCC).

Sources from LCC told the Zambian Watchdog that some bus operators sued the council in the Highcourt on 25th April but the council lawyer did not turn up and Sata called for a meeting between the operators and the PF thugs to resolve the matter amicably on Saturday, 27th April.
“We don’t understand why Mulenga Sata is tolerating the nonsense, these operators pay a lot of money to the council but they are being frustrated by the PF thugs,” said the source who also disclosed that despite Sata’s intention to force the matter withdrawn from court, it is still coming up in court on 9th May, 2013.

Meanwhile Kabwe travellers yesterday demanded that they use their preferred transport, Expressline and KBE 77 buses belonging to Kabwe businessmn Christone Vwalika. This was after the PF thugs brought different buses to be imposed on Vwalika station.
“We have refused to board these buses, we are used to our local buses (Vwalika), the drivers are also disciplined, so we ask PF to give jobs to their cadres and remove them from the station, why are they taking us back into UNIP days where choice was restricted?” complained Edward Bwalya.
Efforts to speak to Vwalika failed as he was reported to be in South Africa but one of the company’s drivers said that later the people’s wish prevailed and they boarded the fleet of their choice.

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