PF thugs led by Lusambo destroy water works, beat residents

PF thugs led by Lusambo destroy water works, beat residents

Dear Editor

I witnessed the destruction of Chakunkula Ward under Munali constituency as I returned from Kalimba crocodile Farm for an outing. PF had ferried hundreds of their cadres from all wards in Lusaka for a rally in Munali constituency Kapilyomba school grounds addressed by Bowman Lusambo.

On their way back from the rally, they appear to have been infuriated by road by standers who refused to flash the PF party symbol even after so much noisy lobbying. They consequently descended on ordinary people and started beating and hacking them with pangas and clubs. Most were robbed of personal possessions like watches, phones and wallets. One tipper driver who delivers sand was stabbed and robbed of K4000 hard cash.

The thugs who appear to have been assigned for destruction of the UPND office disembarked from a Rosa bus. Our men were outnumbered and subsequently beaten savagely and ruthlessly and sustained deep cuts on their bodies. Shortly afterwards the PF cadres returned in various vehicles and began to discharge live fire right within the community residences, with police at Chelstone Police station approximately 300 metres nowhere to be seen.

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