PF thugs lock Kapiri council offices

PF thugs hired by Kapiri District commissioner Beatrice Nakazwe have locked Kapiri district council offices and threatened to beat all senior officers, accusing them of having rejected a list of names that Nakazwe wanted to be employed as polling assistants for the 20th January presidential election.

The cadres chanting Pf slogans and clad in regalia bearing the portrait of Edgar Lungu stormed the civic centre armed with all sorts of weapons and accused management at the council of hiring people against PF to be polling agents. They later locked the offices with chains and locks after tearing down the paper containing names of the recruited polling agents.

A source from the council disclosed that Nakazwe presented the council with a list of cadres whom she wanted appointed as polling agents but were left out during the recruitment which was done and screened by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC). The premises are now under police guard, though the police took long to arrive at the scene.

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