PF thugs on rampage tearing down, defacing UPND campaign materials in Lusaka

PF thugs have gone on rampage tearing down, defacing and burning UPND campaign posters and billboards in Lusaka in total disregard to the electoral code of conduct.

The drunk thugs have so far failed to convince voters in their previously traditional Lusaka stronghold to vote for their fellow drunken master Edgar Lungu.

And information from security wings indicate that PF militias are planning terror in opposition strongholds with a view to prevent people from voting due to intimidation.

OP sources say PF trained militias will be unleashed to some targeted areas and cause massive violence so that people don’t turn out and vote due to fear.

Tearing campaign posters for opponents is a clear bleach of the electoral code.

Lungu’s thugs did the same at the PF convention where other candidates were barred and ended up picking Lungu through raising of pangas and machetes during voting.


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