PF thugs posing as MMD youths invade MMD secretariat

A group of PF thugs pretending to be MMD cadres Thursday  stormed the party secretariat demanding the removal of party president Nevers Mumba.

The cadres also demanded that expelled National Secretary Major Richard Kachingwe be reinstated.

The cadres claimed that the MMD leadership under Dr. Mumba has become selfish and was enjoying the party resources alone.

The male thugs who had gone to the MMD offices loaded in three minibuses  betrayed themselves when they started flashing the PF.

As they flashed the PF symbol, they said they  want Major Kachingwe reinstated  because he used to give them money.

But MMD provincial Youth chairman Watson Mtonga accused former MMD national Secretary Richard Kachingwe of having sponsored the cadres to cause confusion in the party.

Mr. Mtonga stated that the MMD is a strong party which will not allow any gimmicks by some individuals to bring it down.

But when asked to identify the cadres that were protesting, Mr. Mtonga said very few among the group were from MMD claiming that most of them had been hired.

And some sources within the MMD claim Major Kachingwe has become desperate after being dumped by the PF which used him to cause confusion in the party.


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