PF thugs raid UPND road show

PF thugs led by Kabwe Central aspirant Tutwa Ngulube today raided a UPND roadshow campaign trying to disrupt but failed after being outnumbered. The PF leadership in the district has however distanced the party from Ngulube’s thuggery.

Trouble started when UPND publicity team were putting campaign posters and missionary campaign at Kabwe shoprite and Ngulube drove through the UPND camp and started distributing his campaign materials.

Later a near punch up occurred when some PF thugs disguised in UPND attire tried to turn physical but the UPND team was quick to react and Ngulube fled the scene.

Ngulube's thugs glued to his vehicle's fender swearing at UPND

Ngulube’s thugs glued to his vehicle’s fender swearing at UPND

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