PF thugs threaten to burn radio station, want Lungu to remove journalists

PF thugs threaten to burn radio station, want Lungu to remove journalists

image1PF thugs in Kasama Tuesday showed outgoing President Edgar Lungu what they have been doing to journalists and opposition parties when they openly displayed banners demanding  the removal of some journalists from the Catholic Church owned Radio Mano.

The thugs have since vowed to set Mano Radio station ablaze if their demands are not met.

When people have been telling Lungu that his thugs have been terrorising citizens and journalists, he has been keeping a blind eye or merely issuing hypocritical statements meant to hoodwink the Zambian public.

But yesterday, as Lungu was arriving at Kasama airport, his thugs started attacking Radio Mano journalists accusing them of working together with opposition parties.

The unruly PF thugs sponsored by Lungu’s son-in-law the boyfriend to Tasila Lungu, Kelvin Sampa and District Commissioner Kelly Kashiwa, demanded  that journalists should be flashed out of the Radio station.

The overzealous PF thugs, who were led by party officials Marble Ngosa and Aaron Zimba, carried a banner bearing named reporters demanding that President Lungu removes them from the community radio station.

Feeling unease and with the message obviously delivered, Lungu reacted by saying he did not control media operations in the country.

Lungu was coming from Nakonde where he went to commission the Mbala-Nakonde road enroute to Lusaka.

Recently, PF thugs in Eastern Province urinated in the Post Journalist’s mouth and also almost burnt Breeze FM in Chipata.

During Youth Day commemorations, the PF thugs across the country caused mayhem by beating up opponents, stripped women naked in full view of the police, beat up school children, but to date nobody has been arrested.

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