PF thugs to lock MP Tutwa Ngulube’s office

PF thugs to lock MP Tutwa Ngulube’s office

The PF leadership in Kabwe has directed some unruly PF thugs to lock up the constituency office of party lawyer and Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube located at Chitanda house for what they term ‘gross indiscipline’ by their MP.

“The decision to lock out Ngulube was agreed on today and is being engineered by Central province minister Sydney Mushanga, provincial permanent secretary and Lungu’s errand boy Chanda Kabwe and the overzealous Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe. They expect him in the constituency during the weekend and will ambush him”, a source who attended the meeting told the Watchdog.

Recently Ngulube called for complete land audit and accused the Kabwe municipal council and other councils on the Copperbelt run by PF of being corrupt in land dispensation. The ministry of lands has since revoked the agency of the Kabwe municipal council to allocate land.

Ngulube, who played a pivotal role in declaring Edgar Lungu as PF president at the controversial 2014 general conference but sidelined by Lungu has been accused of working to undermine the PF leadership and government projects in the constituency. He is also being accused of harbouring presidential ambitions and also linked to the ‘True green PF’ which is scheming to unseat Lungu at the next party convention.

Lungu personally disowned Ngulube and was not comfortable with his adoption but the party only bowed down following his popularity but they are currently scheming how to block him from contesting the 2021 election on PF ticket.

Other reasons advanced for locking Ngulube’s office are that he has been debating anti PF in parliament and contrary to party directives and that he has been fighting government policies. When the Road Transport and Safety Agency RTSA banned Mazhandu family Bus services following some spate of accidents, Ngulube successfully challenged the ban.

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