Ruling on Judges tribunal today as PF thugs plan to protest at High Court in the name of students

Hired PF thugs masquerading as students from various institutions of higher learning are planning to stage a protest at the High Court grounds and call for the resignation of the Chief Justice, Ernest Sakala.

Sources within the PF have told the Watchdog that the move is also planned to coincide with Judge Flugency Chisanga’s ruling today on the stay of execution filed by suspended judges.

Sources from UNZA have also told the Watchdog that students from the high learning institution are busy with end of semester examinations, except for a few that have been paid.

The attempt by the PF to drug students from higher learning institutions on a matter that involves two individuals owing government huge sums of money has sent desperation resulting in the PF ‘employing’ the unemployed youths from Chibolya and other shanty compounds into thuggery in the name of students.

“Some of the so called students that are being used are actually former students and pupils from some learning institutions that are jobless, but now PF is again cheating them jobs in ZESCO, ZISC, and Zamtel if they continue with their hooliganism behavior” a sources told the Watchdog.

A check at UNZA revealed that students were busy with their end of academic year exams and not interested in such demonstrations.

Those at Copperbelt University (CBU) have just opened for their academic programme after a prolonged closure due to the roof that was blown-off sometime back and needed renovations.

“Besides, where can poor students from CBU find transport money to travel all the way from Kitwe for hooliganism in Lusaka if they are not financed by those who are panicking over the money they borrowed on their own”, the source questioned.

There has been some orchestrated calls to have the Chief Justice resign even when there are no charges that have been laid against him.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that the current meeting of Judges may come up with a serious resolution defending themselves against abuse by the Executive.

By 20:00 hours last night, the meeting was still going on though some of their resolutions may be twisted by the now Post newspaper controlled media houses, ZNBC, Daily Mail, and Times of Zambia.

Sources in  newsrooms say the Post gives Daily Mail and Times of Zambia articles to publish on front pages.


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