PF to adopt person on South Africa police wanted list

PF to adopt person on South Africa police wanted list

*PF to adopt another known thief for Katuba.*

Struggling to find a saleable candidate for the Katuba parliamentary by-election, the PF is now considering adopting hotel scammer  Remmy Mukosha.

Remmy Mulosgawho relocated from South Africa to Zambia 4 years ago is set to be adopted as PF candidate for Katuba parliamentary constituency bye election.
Remmy Mukosha was based in South Africa until his troubles with the South African Police Service after he stole huge sums of money from his previous employer at a hotel in Arcadia, Pretoria, were he worked as Manager .
The owner of the hotel opened a docket in 2011 with the South African Police Service but South African Police are believed to be failing to track him down as he is now using his Zambian passport instead of his South African identity number when visiting his family who still stay in Pretoria.
Remmy has also worked at Formula 1 hotel at South Gate, Johanneburg where he has also committed a similar crime .
Remmy who still has his South African wife still based in Pretoria is now only able to enter South Africa disguised as a Zambian, yet he has a South African citizenship in order to avoid being picked by the South African Police Service.
It is clear that by PF adopting Remmy Mukosha, PF’s only agenda is to loot the Zambian coffers further. PF has no desire to put candidates with the interest of the people at heart but just want to continue their looting agenda.
The owner of the hotel who is clearly still visibly upset with what Remmy did, divulged that it is also Remmy who made the brother to former President Mwanawasa by the name of Rex die at his Arcadia hotel some years back. Remmy picked a prostitute for Rex who ended up poisoning him at his hotel. He died at his hotel after the prostitute vanished with Rex’s money.
So how can an progressive Zambian even contemplate Remmy as a Member of Parliament?
“It confirms then what we always hear that Zambia has rotten people in leadership. I lost a lot of money through that thief called Remmy Mukosha.” Said the Hotel owner as he concluded this interview.

#More to come on Remmy Mukosha from South Africa.
The SA police have been alerted of his double national identity.

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