PF to arrest opposition MPs, then change constitution

PF to arrest opposition MPs, then change constitution

A Patriotic Front (PF) ‘kitchen Cabinet’ that met on Saturday, 27th April 2019 resolved that all UPND MPs that will not attend the National Dialogue Forum should be suspended from Parliament and arrested. While the UPND MPs will be suspended and arrested, the Constitutional Bill will be tabled and passed in Parliamentary .

To pass constitutional amendments, parliament requires a two-thirds majority which the PF doesn’t have.

“So the kitchen Cabinet which was chaired by the President himself resolved that all the UPND MPs should be suspended during which period the Constitutional Bill should be tabled to pass,” a source that attended the meeting hinted.

The meeting was among others attended by President Lungu, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, Minister of Justice Given Lubinda, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya among others.
According to the insider, a point of order would be raised on the floor of the House, after which the Speaker would suspend all the MPs that are not attending.
“The Speaker has already been detailed. These people are up to no good and their target is just UPND at the NDF,” said the source

The NDF Act which was assented to by President Lungu criminalises anyone one that fails to attend its proceedings

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