PF to charge desperate youths K50 each to know if they are selected in defence

Broke PF Government now says they will not publish the names of successful applicants in defence via Daily Mail newspaper.

The Minister of technology has said Defence is going to work hand in hand with ZICTA in releasing the names.

ZICTA has designed a system that will allow applicants to check if they have been shortlisted by using MTN or ZAMTEL sms facility.
How this system will work is, an applicant will have to type ”DEFENSE”(space)then type ”NRCnumber”.

The cost of the SMS will be K50. If your name is on the list you will receive a text saying ‘GOOD’ and if its not there you will receive a text saying ‘SORRY’.

Its now clear that PF is broke because if that system is used, they will make a lot of money since 170, 000 people applied. They will make about K8,500,000 (50 x 170000).

People lets not vote for PF next year. These guys have failed so only a fool will vote for them next year.

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