PF to convene parliament to pass Bill 10

PF to convene parliament to pass Bill 10


By Patson Chilemba

We can’t say we are confident that our MP will not support Bill 10, says National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili said he had not seen anything so compelling to call back the sitting of Parliament to June 09, 2020, saying the move has been taken in order to pass Bill 10.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Kambwili said the party position against Bill 10 still stands, and those were the same instructions that had been given to Roan member of parliament (NDC) Joseph Chishala. He said he was however, not confident that Chishala would walk the party line when the matter came up in Parliament.

“You see we can’t say we are confident that will not happen, we have given our party position we have told him what to do but it’s up to him to choose between NDC and the people of Zambia and PF thinking and PF party,” Kambwili said. “It’s a choice because the people of Zambia don’t support Bill 10, any reasonable MP would not support Bill 10. It’s up to him to make a choice. You know you can take a donkey to a well but you can’t force it to drink. We have told him, even two days ago we were with him and we were talking about the same thing.”

During the last session of Parliament, Chishala defied his party’s position when he refused to walk out of the house when Justice minister Given Lubinda brought up the Bill for second reading.

Kambwili said he did not see anything very urgent that would compel Parliament to reconvene under these circumstances of COVID-19.

“I think it’s Bill 10 that they want,” he said.

Kambwili said the members of parliament were old enough to make their own decisions, if they felt it was wise to open sittings now, adding however, that the parliamentarians could not do social distancing in the current Parliament auditorium.

“If I were in parliament I would have not time to attend that parliament under the circumstances of Covid, and that’s why I have said if one wants to sacrifice your life and you know you are being sacrificed it is so foolish to go there,” said Kambwili. “It’s up to them individually and collectively. I wouldn’t say they are being sacrificed, in a contract there is an offer and an acceptance, if the government says we are opening Parliament and the members of parliament agree to go then be it.”

Kambwili said the best would have been to hold sessions online, but Zambia had not yet developed to those standards.

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