PF to declare mock national mourning for UPND members

The PF regime is scheming to gain political capital  by  declaring a national mourning for UPND supporters who died in Fiera on Sunday.

But UPND vice-president Canisius Banda says the burial of his late supporters will take place tomorrow and all UPND senior leaders will attend.

Dr Banda said that his party will foot all the bills of the deceased supporters in accordance with the wishes of  their beloved ones.
But the PF Satanists are scheming and meeting to see how best they can benefit from this tragic event. So far they have agreed to declare a national mourning which will benefit the PF as it will be thier leaders who will quoted by their media issuing half-hearted condolences

The hypocrisy of the PF can clealry be seen here because just last month,  19 people  perished in Chisamba but were not given a national mourning.   PF senior leaders did not even attend the funeral of these Zambians.

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