PF to demonstrate in favour of Chinese

PF to demonstrate in favour of Chinese



To all PF  Youths on the Copperbelt province who may wish to attend a solidarity match in support of peace and unity and against incitement of xenophobic attacks on all foreign investors and riots on the copper belt province

Join us in Ndola tomorrow morning.

Meeting point:  PF District office along Independence Avenue.

Time 8hrs

Date 13th November 2018

Nathan Chanda Bwalya
CB PF Provincial Youth Chairperson”



As UPND youths we shall not rest until  Patriotic Front brings normalcy to our country Zambia.

The leadership in the PF continues to worry us the UPND Youths. The Cardrism, Arogance, Mediocrity, Corruption and Hate the PF carry for the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and the Zambian people at large is worrying for the development of this our nation.

We are saddened with the PF youths notice of wanting to demonstrate in Ndola today 13th November 2018 in solidarity with the Chinese ripping our assets such as Mukula, minerals, ZAFFICO, ZNBC, etc.

Our UPND President Mr. Hakainde Hichilema continues to speak for all Zambian youths, whether PF, UPND or any political parties for the future belongs to us ALL. Why then are the PF youths supporting foreigners at the expense of a Zambian who at this time can not even afford two proper meals because of these Ba mwisa (foreigners)?

We the UPND youths are at yawe, we are shocked at how PF youths can be so short sighted. Indeed a snake inherits poison from its mother it is said. The PF youths have inherited these leadership qualities from their leaders. We are still appalled at why it has taken the whole lot of MMD ministers in PF defending the sale of ZAFFICO. We remain astonished as to why ministers would want to resign from saving the Zambian because of a foreigner.

Raising up in defense of the foreign nationals simply indicates how the PF leadership cares less for us Zambians.

The questions we are asking as UPND youths are:
1. Why would you defend the foreigners so much than the locals?

2. Why did the Chinese national buy the Kalulushi ZAFFICO houses and gift them to the sitting ternants, was it out of good will?

3. What are the Chinese national who bought these Kalulushi ZAFFICO houses doing on the Ndola Mufulira Road Mwekera ZAFFICO plantation?

As to the PF Copperbelt provincial youth chairman Nathan Chanda, the UPND youths are begging you to use a ladder to see what the future holds for the Zambian youths because the future indeed is for your children and mine.

*Subeta Mutelo*
**UPND Deputy National Youth Chairperson*

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