PF to divert soldiers rent money to campaigns

The army commander and senior officers have come up with a plan to shift soldiers getting housing allowance to L85 in Lusaka west where there are no schools, hospitals and shops. This is because they want the money to be diverted to the PF campaigns. There are more than 3000 houses which were built in Lusaka west and when government officials visited the scene it was agreed that they first need to build a hospital, schools and also shops.

But the plan has been turned down because of pressure they are in. The army commander has been on contract since 2012 and all he is doing is to follow whatever he gets from state house. He has nothing to fear because even the direction he has taken about the 50% UN allowances has no u-turn but what he should not forget is that soldiers have been crying for this same 50% that it is paid to them. All the soldiers and officers not benefitting from these schemes are turning out in large numbers on August 11 and teach lungu a lesson of not being a good commander in chief. Gen mihova is the worst commander this country has ever produced as he has a hard heart on his own men in uniform. Those taking over government this year should make sure that they take note of all it is getting from these writings so that all those involved are probed and thrown in jail.where is TIZ and law enforcement agencies? God is watching and an army which is full of divisions can never fight and achieve one goal.

Frustated soldiers

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