PF to feature GBM’s nephew if Kasama goes to by-election

President Michael Sata is enticing a nephew of former defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba to stand as PF MP when the impending by-election takes place in Kasama.

Sata has picked on Lupando Munkonge, a financially handicapped nephew of GBM.

Munkonge runs Kasama milling which is currently having financial difficulties.

When Miles Sampa and Jean Kapata went to Kasama last week to assess the damage caused by GBM’s resignation, they were also given instructions by Sata to find someone desperate from within the Mwamba family who could be used to further divide the Bemba unity.

‘Lupando Munkonge has failed to run the milling plant and Sata has already seen his desperation,’ said a source.

The source explained that ‘a few days ago, he was one of those who applauded GBM for standing up to defend the Chitimukulu and Bemba’s unity.’

But just a day after praising GBM, Lupando was at the airport to receive Miles Sampa and Jean Kapata. The problem is that Miles Sampa’s loyalty is also questionable.

‘They later visited financially struggling Kasama Milling where they promised Lupando that President Sata will pump money in the milling plant if he accepts to be their candidate in an event that GBM is expelled or resigns from PF.

‘Lupando is very excited at making money for the milling plant and has already agreed, like his uncle Chilekwa Munkonge who was defeated badly by GBM in 2011, to jump on the opportunity and stand against GBM should a by-election happen,’ said the source.

The source futher said that ‘Lupando is supposed to be GBM’s nephew but the chap is an opportunist who just wants to make money out of desperate Sata. This will be the easiest defeat because GBM has the Kasama Central vote.

‘Even if President Sata was to personally contest the Kasama Central seat, he would lose and remember 2011. We people in Kasama want to shame President Sata, so we are asking PF to expel GBM so that we expel PF from here for good.

‘If Sata is interested to have PF here, let him stop these police gimmicks because today, he Sata has campaigned heavily for GBM. For us here, GBM is our hero and we will not allow sata to intimidate us. Let him go to Chitulika where they know him. Here, we know GBM!’

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