PF to feature Kelvin Sampa in Kasama by-election

Dear Editor, MMD renowned conman, the man who betrayed late President Levy Mwanawasa’s trust, the man who betrayed former Firstlady Maureen Mwanawasa’s trust and the thief who has implicated former Republican President Rupiah Banda has been earmarked for Kasama Central on PF ticket after Sata realized that GBM’s nephew Munkonge is by far a nonentity to GBM.

Kelvin Sampa, who just returned from South Africa is under direct instructions from Sata to start preparing himself to challenge GBM. Sampa came here to Kasama and made a donation of a motor vehicle and some computers as part of the scheme. As residents of Kasama, we know who is for us and against us. GBM is for us and our heritage and Sampa is against us and our heritage.

Kelvin Sampa is against the installation of the Chitimukulu designate Kanyanta Sosala and so he is our enemy here. Being a conman that he is, sampa is busy telling people that he has been asked to do what he is doing by sata and willie nsanda. He tells people that he did not want to do it but that is the only way he can be protected from some cases involving him in Courts. Though GBM filed an injunction to stop the expulsion and eventual by-election, the people of Kasama Central must be ready for a by-election whether they like it or not.

PF wants GBM out at all costs and they don’t care what taxpayers spend on the by-election. PF is over-rating itself in Kasama Central. They will be humiliated worse than in Katuba. Sampa betrayed Levy and RB and he will betray Sata very soon.

Mutande Mulenga

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