PF to fire financial Intelligence centre boss

PF to fire financial Intelligence centre boss

The PF regime will this week fire Financial Intelligence Centre Executive Director Mary Chirwa. The Watchdog has been briefed that the decision to fire Chirwa was reached today during a meeting that ended at 15 hours.

Last week, the FIC released the 2018 money laundering/terrorist financing trends report which revealed that Zambia incurred losses estimated at K6.1 billion linked to financial crimes such as Tax evasion, fraud, corruption and money laundering activities.

The FIC did not mention any names but the guilty have been having sleepless nights and engaging themselves in condemning the FIC board and management.

FIC Director General Mary Chirwa said during the launch of the report that the Center analyzed 176 suspicious transactions of which 80 were disseminated to law enforcement agencies on suspicious covering tax evasion, fraud corruption and money laundering.
Ms. Chirwa said the most prevalent forms of corruption noted in 2018 were those involving bribery and conflict of interest.
She said during the year, the Center disseminated reports on corruption with estimated value of K4.9 billion with public procurement activities bein

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    BETTER MUST COME 3 days ago

    she is lucky if she will just be fired because if she continues they will continue insulting her for her hard work and sincerity. genuine hard work as shown by this lady or linda kasonde is not appreciated by anything PF.

  • comment-avatar
    Situmbeko 4 days ago

    Is zambia truly a christian nation??Or its just what…..Are those footsteps of the Christ J.Or .What does it realy mean 2 be a Christian.God deliver us all.And deliver Zambia.Amen!

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    These PF thugs are trying to suppress whoever is doing his/her job professionally. Anyway you should know that your days are numbered.

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    Ngoma Yamaano 6 days ago

    These threats of firing officers heading governance and accountability institutions should be stopped. Zambia needs to establish the security of tenure for FIC and other independent accountability and governance institutions. The constitution should not allow clauses that gives the President and ruling party powers and authority to fire at will officers mandated to provide checks and balance on the use of public resources.

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    Do not even try or you invite a lot of confusion in this country

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    Temwa Tembo 7 days ago

    If you fire her, will demonstrate, why fire her if you are innocent? That means you are guilty. Don’t touch her. That will be the down fall of your Government and sanction will follow you.
    Leave Mary Chirwa alone. Corrupt government pfools.

  • comment-avatar
    Muso 7 days ago

    Ichalo ubusuma mwashela bapopwe.