PF to increase all fuel prices after Lubansenshi, Solwezi by-election


The PF regime, through its Energy Regulation Board (ERB) will increase all fuel prices just after the Lubansenshi and Solwezi West parliamentary by elections.

Most petroleum products will be hiked to about K15 per litre.

Sources at both ERB and the ministry of Energy have disclosed that the hikes were supposed to be effected the day Zambia National Team was playing a friendly Match with Gabon but president Edgar Lungu ordered ERB to wait.

‘That is the same day Lungu was at the stadium and he feared that if the announcement was made, there was going to be a riot in the stadium especially that people were already booing him for power blackouts during the match,’ said a source. Watch soccer fans boo Lungu here

According to government contacts, President Lungu has now ordered that the increments should be announced after the two parliamentary by-elections, whatever the outcome.

Lungu fears that announcing such a ‘disaster’ right now would spoil further the PF’s chances of winning the elections.

On July 13, 2015, the PF government increased the pump price of petroleum products by K1.13n and diesel by K1 while Kerosene had been adjusted upwards by 72 ngwee.

Petrol currently cost K9. 87n per litre while diesel was increased to K8.59. Kerosene is going at K6.12n.

Fuel prices were also increased on 12th May 2015.

But countries such as Botswana and Namibia have this month effected reductions in fuel prices.

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