PF to increase electricity tariffs, fuel shortages looming

On Wednesday last week, we reported that PF would increase fuel pump prices and that fuel shortages were coming.

The following day on Thursday, PF were quick to rubbish our story by fooling Zambians that we were telling lies about the looming fuel increase and shortages.

They told all government vuvuzelas to tell Zambians that we were rumour mongering as there would be no fuel increase and shortages.

Of course, our sources are highly placed seniors PF officials in key positions within the PF government.

Hardly a week, the Chinese engineered PF propaganda has increased the fuel prices and in high gear attributing the increase to the global economy, but they will not apologize to us.

But within the global economy, nearby countries like Botswana are selling fuel at an equivalent of K7 to K8 per litre.

Anyway, we have another revelations to make coming from very highly placed sources within the PF government.

They are soon increasing electricity tariffs as all the plans have already been approved, but they will deny this as a mere rumour as well.

Sources say electricity increase will be about 25 percent across the board.

Further, expect massive fuel shortages as the country is no longer credit worth, hence there is no institution willing to pay for our crude oil prices on nkongole  (through what is called letter of credit).

And we have no money in the reserves to buy fuel for cash hence the coming fuel shortages soon.

The PF leadership and their Chinese crooks will mop all your money from your pockets while the Kwacha keeps stumbling.

The PF has completed depleted the money in the country yet the owners of the borrowed money are equally panicking and need their money without fail.

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    Bowise 2 weeks ago

    The biggest fear for any investor is the loss of real savings due to hyperinflation. Some people argue that the inflation rate is about to accelerate. Which can only be compounded by a mix of government mismanagement and corruption, an undiversified nationalized economy, a reliance on imports for living essentials, no independent central bank and some sort of exogenous shock.
    It’s hard to imagine daily life with an annual inflation rate of 1,000,000%. At that rate, the price of a cup of coffee doubles between your weekly paychecks. That is what the citizens of Venezuela are facing, according to a recent report from the IMF. The story of how the country went from relative stability to hyperinflation involves more than economics; it’s a tale of corruption, social unrest, self-serving politics, capital controls, price-fixing, and a global commodity bust.
    It’s hard to believe, but Venezuela’s economy was once the envy of South America. Blessed with the largest oil reserves in the world, the country had a steady stream of USD revenue and immense per-capita wealth.