PF to increase ritual killings in former strongholds

PF sources in Lusaka have disclosed that the massive ritual killings being witnessed in Lusaka are actually politically connected and Zambians will have to pay the consequences of PF losing popularity in its former traditional strongholds of Lusaka and Copperbelt Province including Kasama and Mpika District. Highly ranking and reliable PF sources who spoke on condition of anonymity have disclosed that South African Sangomas have told PF to sacrifice Zambians in their former strongholds or lose elections. It has now been revealed that all killings being witnessed in Lusaka are actually being organized by PF high ranking officials especially those that are aspiring as MPs, Councilors, Executive Mayors and other positions. It is believed that once body parts are taken out of a human being, they are nicely dried then pounded and the powder is then mixed with body lotion while the other powder is put in food for members and others defecting while the other used to rub the money being used to bribe voters. it is believed that anyone who will touch the money be it a bank money indeed an ordinally person will automatically vote for PF in the forth coming general elections.
“Ritual Killings in Zambia by PF government covering bodies with PF regalia, to them it means the Aspiring Candidate for PF will win elections in that Constituency. I thinks the Entire PF leadership should be arrested. This is inhuman and should not be accepted in a modern society. How do you kill people who are supposed to vote for you?”, asked angry PF officials.
“The ICC should step in and investigate the entire PF Leadership for this barbaric ritual killings before we lose the whole nation to PF ritual sacrifice”, they added.
Sources also disclosed that after Lusaka, Copperbelt will follow in terms of ritual killings by the Patriotic Front, before finally moving into Kasama and Mpika ahead of the crucial tripartite elections which is now widely believed will be scoped by the opposition UPND. Only the once PF Strongholds will suffer these barbaric mass ritual killings by the PF who are desperate to retain the presidency. Apart from sacrificing its own citizens, PF has resolved to pay and line up fake prophets and self ordained pastors and Bishops from across Africa to falsely prophesies the victory of President Lungu as a way of winning the minds of unsuspecting Zambian voters.

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