PF to increase salaries of civil servants during elections

The PF regime says it will increase salaries for public service workers next year, which is the year for general elections. This has always been the plan of the PF to starve civil servants through a wage and recruitment freeze between elections but to increase salaries during elections. Like Levy Mwanawasa said, ‘Zambians forget easily’, and the PF is relying on this general dullness to win elections next year. The PF will probably increase the salaries for each civil servants by K500 and the obedient workers will forget about the suffering the country is going through at the moment. But everyone knows that after elections, real suffering will resume.

Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba has also said Government has resumed the recruitment of public sector workers in 2015, especially for frontline services in the education, health and public sectors. This is just another tricky to cheat youths. What has happened for the PF to to suddenly start recruiting youths, and will they really recruit or its just another lie?

According to a statement issued in Lusaka yesterday by Ministry of Finance public relations officer Chileshe Kandeta, Mr Yamba said the public service pay is programmed to fall to 8.4 percent of GDP by 2018 from nine percent in 2015.

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